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                                    36 To order: Call 1-888-WHIRTEN (1-888-944-7836) • Fax 1-888-AROSARY (1-888-276-7279) • E-mail at: sales@wjhirten.com138 FrameFine Detailed Scrollwork Satin Gold Frame.11 ½\Overall Dimensions.Velvet Easel Backing.124 FrameArt-Deco Styled Frame in a Distressed Gold Decorative and Antique Gold Lip.11 ¼\Overall Dimensions.Velvet Easel Backing.133 FrameFine Detail Channel Grooved DarkWalnut Frame withGold Inside Lip.10\Overall Dimensions.Velvet Easel Backing.164 FrameFinely Carved Antique Silver Frame.10\Overall Dimensions.Velvet Easel Backing.8\All Artwork Under Glass. Pick any 8\267Bouguereau: Heavenly Melody231Bouguereau: Madonna of the Roses230Bouguereau: Madonna of the Lillies8020Chambers: Mary Most Holy244Raphael: Madonna & Child238Chambers: Madonna and Child246Mignard: Madonna of the Grapes8059 Madonna Throne of Angels and Saints269Chambers: Madonna and Child298Bouguereau: Divine Innocence245Lippi: Madonna248Murillo-Madonna & Child
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