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                                    32 To order: Call 1-888-WHIRTEN (1-888-944-7836) • Fax 1-888-AROSARY (1-888-276-7279) • E-mail at: sales@wjhirten.com138 FrameFine Detailed Scrollwork Satin Gold Frame.11 ½\Overall Dimensions.Velvet Easel Backing.124 FrameArt-Deco Styled Frame in a Distressed Gold Decorative and Antique Gold Lip.11 ¼\Overall Dimensions.Velvet Easel Backing.133 FrameFine Detail Channel Grooved DarkWalnut Frame withGold Inside Lip.10\Overall Dimensions.Velvet Easel Backing.164 FrameFinely Carved Antique Silver Frame.10\Overall Dimensions.Velvet Easel Backing.8\All Artwork Under Glass. Pick any 8\8033Crowning of Mary8229Saint Francis151Christ Welcoming Child8061Chambers: Jesus with Sailor141Christ the Teacher9279Welcome Home - The Reunion142Christ The All Knowing133The Trinity150Christ Welcoming Home103Good Shepherd1573Segura: Laughing Jesus140Holy Trinity
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