Page 87 - 2019 Sacred Art Wall Decor Catalog
P. 87

3 ⁄8" x 4 3⁄4" Gold & Silver-Leaf Frames
Italian Gold-Stamped Prints Under Glass, Easel Back. Gift Boxed. All Prints Available in Silver or Gold Frame.
 450G-361 (Gold) 450S-361 (Silver) Holy Family
450G-350 (Gold) 450S-350 (Silver) Guardian Angel
450G-352 (Gold) 450S-352 (Silver) Guardian Angel
450G-351 (Gold) 450S-351 (Silver) Guardian Angels
450G-397 (Gold) 450S-397 (Silver) Baptism
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 450S-298 (Silver)
450G-298 (Gold)
O.L. of Divine Innocence
450G-906 (Gold) 450S-906 (Silver) O.L. Untier of Knots
450S-574 (Silver) 450G-574 (Gold) Pope Francis
450G-610 (Gold) 450S-610 (Silver) St. Anne
450S-302 (Silver) 450G-302 (Gold) St. Anthony
450G-645 (Gold) 450S-645 (Silver) St. Benedict
450G-314 (Gold) 450S-314 (Silver) St. Francis
450G-632 (Gold) 450S-632 (Silver) St. Joseph
450G-320 (Gold) 450S-320 (Silver) St. Jude
450G-330 (Gold) 450S-330 (Silver) St. Michael
450G-333 (Gold) 450S-333 (Silver) St. Michael
450G-640 (Gold) 450S-640 (Silver) St. Patrick
450G-522 (Gold) 450S-522 (Silver) St. Pio
450G-340 (Gold) 450S-340 (Silver) St. Therese
450G-651 (Gold) 450S-651 (Silver) Holy Spirit

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