Page 86 - 2019 Sacred Art Wall Decor Catalog
P. 86

  3 7⁄8" x 4 3⁄4" Gold & Silver-Leaf Frames
Italian Gold-Stamped Prints Under Glass, Easel Back. Gift Boxed. All Prints Available in Silver or Gold Frame.
  450S-124 (Spanish) (Silver) 450G-124 (Spanish) (Gold) Divine Mercy
450G-123 (Gold) 450S-123 (Silver) Divine Mercy
450S-157 (Silver) 450G-157 (Gold) Crucifixion
450G-107 (Gold) 450S-107 (Silver) Infant of Prague
450S-101 (Silver) 450G-101 (Gold) Sacred Heart of Jesus
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450G-201 (Gold)
450S-201 (Silver)
Immaculate Heart of Mary
450G-105 (Gold) 450S-105 (Silver) Sacred Heart of Jesus
450G-205 (Gold)
450S-205 (Silver)
Immaculate Heart of Mary
450G-109 (Gold) 450S-109 (Silver) Sacred Heart of Jesus
450G-209 (Gold)
450S-209 (Silver)
Immaculate Heart of Mary
 450G-103 (Gold) 450S-103 (Silver) Good Shepherd
450G-229 (Gold) 450S-229 (Silver) O.L. of Fatima
450G-200 (Gold) 450S-200 (Silver) O.L. of Grace
450G-216 (Gold) 450S-216 (Silver) O.L. of Guadalupe
450G-217 (Gold) 450S-217 (Silver) O.L. of Guadalupe
450G-895 (Gold) 450S-895 (Silver) O.L. of Guadalupe
450G-274 (Gold) 450S-274 (Silver) O.L. of Lourdes
450G-208 (Gold)
450S-208 (Silver)
O.L. of Perpetual Help
450G-257 (Gold) 450S-257 (Silver) O.L. of Mt. Carmel
450G-223 (Gold) 450S-223 (Silver) O.L. of Czestochowa

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