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362W-200 (Beige) 362B-200 (Blue) 362M-200 (Maroon) O.L. of Grace
362W-111 (Beige) 362B-111 (Blue) 362M-111 (Maroon) Sacred Heart of Jesus
 362W-123 (Beige) 362B-123 (Blue) 362M-123 (Maroon) Divine Mercy
  362W-310 (Beige)
 362W-321 (Beige)
 362W-330 (Beige)
 362W-340 (Beige)
 362W-350 (Beige)
 362W-363 (Beige)
 362W-374 (Beige)
 362W-397 (Beige)
   5" x 6 1⁄2" Gold Framed Prints with Velvet Matting
Under Glass
Available with Your Choice of Either Blue, Maroon or Beige Velvet Matte.
             362W-103 (Beige) 362B-103 (Blue) 362M-103 (Maroon) Good Shepherd
362W-223 (Beige) 362B-223 (Blue) 362M-223 (Maroon) O.L. of Czestochowa
362B-310 (Blue) 362M-310 (Maroon) St. Francis
362W-115 (Beige) 362B-115 (Blue) 362M-115 (Maroon) Sacred Heart of Jesus
362W-227 (Beige) 362B-227 (Blue) 362M-227 (Maroon) Madonna & Child
362B-321 (Blue) 362M-321 (Maroon) St. Jude (Bust)
362W-523 (Beige) 362B-523 (Blue) 362M-523 (Maroon) St. Pio
362W-575 (Beige) 362B-575 (Blue) 362M-575 (Maroon) St. Teresa
362W-160 (Beige) 362B-160 (Blue) 362M-160 (Maroon) Infant of Prague
362W-243 (Beige) 362B-243 (Blue) 362M-243 (Maroon) Madonna & Child
362B-330 (Blue) 362M-330 (Maroon) St. Michael
362W-208 (Beige) 362B-208 (Blue) 362M-208 (Maroon) O.L. of Perpetual Help
362W-251 (Beige) 362B-251 (Blue) 362M-251 (Maroon) Immaculate Conception
362B-340 (Blue) 362M-340 (Maroon) St. Therese
362W-211 (Beige) 362B-211 (Blue) 362M-211 (Maroon) Immaculate Heart of Mary
362W-252 (Beige) 362B-252 (Blue) 362M-252 (Maroon) Our Lady of Lourdes
362B-350 (Blue) 362M-350 (Maroon) Guardian Angel
362W-631 (Beige) 362B-631 (Blue) 362M-631 (Maroon) St. Joseph
362W-215 (Beige) 362B-215 (Blue) 362M-215 (Maroon) Immaculate Heart of Mary
362W-255 (Beige) 362B-255 (Blue) 362M-255 (Maroon) Madonna of the Streets
362B-363 (Blue) 362M-363 (Maroon) Holy Family
362W-216 (Beige) 362B-216 (Blue) 362M-216 (Maroon) O.L. of Guadalupe
362W-257 (Beige) 362B-257 (Blue) 362M-257 (Maroon) Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
362B-374 (Blue) 362M-374 (Maroon) Last Supper
362W-950 (Beige) 362B-950 (Blue) 362M-950 (Maroon) Our Lady of Fatima
362W-951 (Beige) 362B-951 (Blue) 362M-951 (Maroon) Madonna
362W-217 (Beige) 362B-217 (Blue) 362M-217 (Maroon) O.L. of Guadalupe
362W-300 (Beige) 362B-300 (Blue) 362M-300 (Maroon) St. Anthony
Baby Baptism
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