Page 74 - 2019 Sacred Art Wall Decor Catalog
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Gold Framed Museum Inspired Italian Fresco
Plaques on Velvet Lining
Available in Both Blue and Red Burgundy Velvet Lining. Overall Dimensions 5" x 6 1⁄2".
       361B-123 (Blue) 361R-123 (Red) Divine Mercy
361R-109 (Red)
361B-109 (Blue)
Chambers: Sacred Heart of Jesus
361R-209 (Red)
361B-209 (Blue)
Chambers: Immaculate Heart of Mary
361R-315 (Red) 361B-315 (Blue) St. Francis
361B-298 (Blue)
361R-298 (Red)
Bouguereau: Divine Innocence
             361B-203 (Blue)
361R-203 (Red)
Madonna of the Street
361R-368 (Red) 361B-368 (Blue) Holy Family
361B-861 (Blue) 361R-861 (Red) Pentecost
361B-379 (Blue) 361R-379 (Red) Ghirlandaio: Last Supper
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361B-964 (Blue) 361R-964 (Red) Baptism of Jesus
361R-744 (Red) 361B-744 (Blue) Wedding at Cana
361R-370 (Red) 361B-370 (Blue) DaVinci: Last Supper

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