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                                    60 To order: Call 1-888-WHIRTEN (1-888-944-7836) • Fax 1-888-AROSARY (1-888-276-7279) • E-mail at: sales@wjhirten.com862 FrameFine Detail Scroll Carvings on Antiqued Gold Frame.8 ¼\Overall Dimensions.Velvet Easel Backing.861 FrameAntiqued MahoganyFinished Frame withBeaded Lip.8 ¼\Overall Dimensions.Velvet Easel Backing.863 FrameFine Detail Scroll Carvings on Antiqued Silver Frame.8 ¼\Overall Dimensions.Velvet Easel Backing.6\All Artwork Under Glass. Pick any 6\210Our Lady of Lourdes213Our Lady of Fatima906Our Lady Untier of Knots216Our Lady of Guadalupe218Our Lady of Guadalupe217Our Lady of Guadalupe221O.L. of Guadalupe with Angels275Our Lady of Mt. Carmel208O.L of Perpetual Help223Our Lady of Czestochowa263Virgen de San Juan233Bouguereau: Queen of the Angels
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