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  ‘The Mysteries of the Holy Rosary’ Color Lithographs
POS-1468 The 20 Mysteries Of The Rosary, Size 4" x 6" • POS-1471 The 20 Mysteries Of The Rosary, Size 8" x 10" Printed In Italy.
  1st Joyful Mystery Annunciation
2nd Joyful Mystery Visitation
3rd Joyful Mystery Birth of Jesus
4th Joyful Mystery Presentation in the Temple
5th Joyful Mystery Finding the Child Jesus
1st Mystery of Light Christ’s Baptism in the Jordan
2nd Mystery of Light Wedding at Cana
3rd Mystery of Light Proclamation of the Kingdom
4th Mystery of Light Transfiguration
5th Mystery of Light Institution of the Eucharist
1st Sorrowful Mystery Agony in the Garden
2nd Sorrowful Mystery Scourging at the Pillar
3rd Sorrowful Mystery Crowning with Thorns
4th Sorrowful Mystery Carrying of the Cross
5th Sorrowful Mystery Crucifixion
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1st Glorious Mystery 2nd Glorious Mystery 3rd Glorious Mystery 4th Glorious Mystery 5th Glorious Mystery
Ascension into Heaven Descent of the Holy Spirit Assumption Crowning of Our Blessed Lady

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