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“Our Lady’s” Rosary Center
The Ultimate Rosary Accessory Merchandising Unit
Holds everything that a customer would “add-on” to a Rosary Purchase! The largest and best selection of Rosary Books, Holy Cards, Pamphlets, Rosary Pouches, Specialty Rosaries, Birthstone Rosaries, Single Decade and Finger Rosaries and many more items. A customer can find whatever they need for a Rosary all in one customer friendly location. (Dimensions 71” H x 14” W) UPS Shippable
Side 1 & 2 Side 3 & 4
Please Call the William J. Hirten Company For Additional Information
  To order: Call 1-888-WHIRTEN (1-888-944-7836) • Fax 1-888-AROSARY (1-888-276-7279) • E-mail at:

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